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Our tours are tailored for those who want to enjoy the rich history of the island  with a private tour guide/driver while enjoying the carnival flavor of the true St Lucian experience

For the Cruise Ship visitors who is on island for a few hours and wants to explore within an allocated time we have tailored tours to suit your needs. We will ensure we leave you with fond memories you will never forget. Our tours comes with free local piton beers, fruit juices,water and fruits. We will be very delighted to accommodate you if you have any additional request




We will pick you up at the cruise ship terminal at about 9 am ( the earlier the better). From there your tour guide will take you through the island Capital Castries where stops will be made (but not limited to) at the Castries cathedral and Derek Walcott square. Your journey will take you to Morne Fortune where you will be subjected  to a fantastic view of the capital as well as the governor general residence


Then you will be taken down the west coast of the island to the two fishing villages of Anse la Raye and Canaries through the largest banana plantation on Island. Stops will be made at the scenic Marigot Bay and the popular and only Rum Distillery on island where you can pay a few bucks and may sample the various rums produce on island

Your journey will take you through the rain forest to the most picturesque town called Soufriere. There you will see our majestic piton as well as the drive volcano. As time will not permit (after a brief description) you will be given a choice to visit one of three waterfalls. Namely Toraille waterfall, the botanical garden/diamond falls or the hot bath at Piton Falls


Lunch can also be arranged at a local restaurant in Soufriere

Free refreshment will be served (water, fruits, soda and piton beer)

Nb the fees to the various attractions and sites are not included

Please request a quote 

Gros Piton Hike + Sulfur Springs duration Aprox 4- 6 hours

Having chosen St Lucia as your destination you must make you experience here a memorable one. The two volcanic mountains are indeed wonderful sights but a Gros Piton Hike is an experience unlike any other.

Gros Piton is one of the peak designated as a World Heritage Site is 2619 Ft in height, from the top you will be expose to one of the most Majestic view on the island

Ideally you will want to start early at about 8 am , the hike is about 4 to six hours. It is important that you wear comfortable hiking shoes, bring along sunscreen and insect repellant and your camera

After the hike you will have the option  to sooth your aching muscles at the warm waters of the Sulfur Springs or the clear warm waters at Piton Falls



Tet Paul Trail plus Sulfur Springs and Mud bath duration Aprox 5 hours

This is for people who decided they will forgo the grinding 4 hours climb of Gros Piton may decide to tackle the easy 30 minutes hike of the Tet Paul Trail. The trail takes you up an easy walk up to about 700 ft high . From the top you can see more than 30% of the island .It also make you feel you can reach out and touch the pitons. The experience you will have standing at the top is absolutely gorgeous


Snorkeling at Sugar Beach or Anse Chastenet  Beach

Snorkeling in the west coast town of Soufriere is one of the best attraction in St Lucia. You may choose the Fastistic Beach of the Sugar Beach Resort which is situated smack between the pitons or venture through the 25 minutes winding road to Anse Chastenet. What ever your choice both places will present you with an enjoyable time and a day to remember


NB: Our tours are not cast in stones, once time is permitting you may add your own itinerary bearing in mind that you would need to strike a balance to get back to the cruise ship on time. Your would need to discuss with your tour guide/Driver to know what is possible

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